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PizzaAndCode February 2016

Msgbox if YES or NO

This should be super easy! The code merely consists of a message box with a Yes or No choice. Given that choice, a corresponding string is written into cell A1. I see no problem with it compared to google's script examples. What am I missing?

function msgbox() {

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var s = ss.getActiveSheet();

var answer = Browser.msgBox("Confirm", "Does this work?", Browser.Buttons.YES_NO);

//if user clicks yes
if(answer === Browser.Buttons.YES) {
    //then enter YES into cell A1
    s.getRange("A1").setValue() === "YES";
    } else {
    //else enter NO into cell A1
    s.getRange("A1").setValue() === "NO";


phenxd February 2016

I have never used Google App Scripts, but based on my other programming experiences, I feel like

s.getRange("A1").setValue() === "YES";

might be the problem. Usually, the '===' operator is used to compare 2 values.

'aaa' === 'aaa' --> return true

In your case, don't you want to set a value?


is what I would feel appropriate.

Serge insas February 2016

You are simply using setValue() the wrong way. Refer to the documentation here. It should simply be s.getRange("A1").setValue('YES')

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