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Daniel February 2016

Imported multi-module maven project children dont contain parent dependencies [Eclipse IDE]


Lets say i have a big multi-moduled project. Finished building it with maven, and decided to import it to eclise.

Parent project importent without any issues. All dependencies are resolved. With parent all children were also imported into the workspace, but children contain some dependencies to parent dependencies example:

Parent contains <dependency> <groupId>com.github.kristofa</groupId> <artifactId>brave-interfaces</artifactId> <version>${brave.version}</version> </dependency>

And its 100% working, everything is fine. While for children projects same dependency:


is screaming with errors that it's missing. Most weird part is that all projects are building correctly, without any errors from maven side. (from maven point of view everything is ok).

It's eclipse that screams "OMG ERRORS"... 350 errors involving dependencies, that are ok and building.

Tried, building projects/cleaning/mvn cleaning/updating dependency tree/closing/importing again.

Anyone has some ideas about this issue?


Daniel February 2016

Well. Problem was pretty trivial. Maven installation didnt have or was using wrong settings.xml file.

After setting global settings.xml file everything magically started to work.

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