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Rem February 2016

Stop event propagation in Angular 2

What is the easiest way to stop mouse events propagation in Angular 2? Should I pass special $event object and call stopPropagation() myself or there is some other way. For example in Meteor I can simply return false from event handler.


Günter Zöchbauer February 2016

This should do:

(event)="doSomething($event); $event.stopPropagation()"

(not tested)

For preventDefault just return false

(event)="doSomething($event); false"

Thierry Templier February 2016

If you're in a method bound to an event, simply return false:

  template: `
    <a href="/test.html" (click)="doSomething()">Test</a>
export class MyComp {
  doSomething() {
    return false;

jhadesdev February 2016

The simplest is to call stop propagation on an event handler. $event works the same in Angular 2, and contains the ongoing event (by it a mouse click, mouse event, etc.):


on the event handler, we can there stop the propagation:

onEvent(event) {

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