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Menew February 2016

partial view c# mvc

which folder should my partial view be so that it can recognize @model?

I have a main index page, once a person searches for a keyword, I have a viewmodel that filters the DB results and pass it to the partial view below:

Below is my partialview.cshtml for my search results under the "Shared" folder.

@model Namespace.ViewModels.ItemViewModel //<-------------this is not been recognized, @model does not exist in the current context 
@if (Model.SearchResults.Count == 0)
    <h3 class="text-error">No items matched your search query!</h3>
    foreach (var result in Model.NewsList)
        // display search results


Eric J. February 2016

You are most likely working on an MVC4 or earlier project using Visual Studio 2015. Unfortunately, VS2015 does not provide correct parsing for pre-MVC5 projects and falsely reports this as an error.

The page will still work at runtime.

The only solutions that I am aware of are to use an earlier version of Visual Studio or upgrade the project to MVC5.

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