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Rishav February 2016

Coffeescript `in` operator doesn't work with 2D array

Checking for values in 1D arrays works..

coffee> 1 in [1,2]


coffee> [1, 1] in [[1, 1], [1, 2]]

Checking for values in 2D arrays doesn't.

Am I missing something, is this a bug or is this intended?


tyler February 2016

Javascript does not count two "equal" arrays as equal

[1,1] === [1,1]
--> false
[1,1] == [1,1]
--> false

So it would be counterintuitive for coffeescript to do what you're proposing.

You could write your own method to do the comparison, or you could use something like Lodash's isEqual() method https://lodash.com/docs#isEqual

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