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RyanD96 February 2016

Sorting positive NaN's and negative NaN's in a vector

I am attempting to create a program using a bubble sort in c++, i have to include positive and negative NaNs and sort them,I have got to the point where my program will sort negative to positive in ascending order including -0 and 0 but i am stuck on making it so that the NaNs are not mixed up.

How would i go about sorting these NaNs, possibly with the -Nans on the LHS of the integers and the NaNs on the RHS?


Revolver_Ocelot February 2016

You can use isnan to detect NaN and signbit to check its sign. You can use signbit to distinguish between positive and negative 0 too.

You will need to make a custom comparator to actually do sorting.

Comparator example:

bool double_order(double lhs, double rhs)
    if(std::isnan(lhs)) {
        if(std::signbit(lhs))  //Negative NaN is less than anything
            return not (std::isnan(rhs) && std::signbit(rhs)); //Except another -NaN
            return false; //Positive NaN are never less than anything
        if(std::signbit(rhs)) //Negative nans are tot larger than anything
            return false;
        else                 //Positive NaN are larger than anything
            return true;     //Except other +NaN, which is covered earlier
    if(lhs == 0.0 && rhs == 0.0)  //If both operands are 0, check for ±0
        return std::signbit(lhs) > std::signbit(rhs); //signbit of negative is true
    return lhs < rhs; //Otherwise do normal comparison (covers infinities)

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