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Bert February 2016

Can't clone git repository with jenkins (permission denied)

I'm having a hard time with Jenkins and git. I had Jenkins installed on a virtual machine in the office and was able to include a git repository in my project and do a syntax check, etc. Today I came back, restarted the virtual computer and can't simply build the project. It sais: Permission denied because of ym public key. Created a new project with same repository, still can't. Created a new virtual machine the same way, still can't. All my git repositories are saying the exact same, that my public key is denied. However when I ssh into the server and try to git clone a repository it works like a charm.

I've tried to add the SSH keypair to Jenkins every possible way, but all the times I got the pubkey error. Why? I use gitolite server but haven't changed anything from Friday to tomorrow.... What gives?


Bert February 2016

Made a new keypair for jenkins user, this time with no password. Somewhy this works. Can anybody tell me why? I though that this issue have been resolved already.

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Asked in February 2016
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