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abhilash sukumari February 2016

How to pass variable arguments to an Inner method in C#

I have a function in python which uses a function and args(tuple) as input to its inner function: I can replicate these using params and Action InnedMethod(). But how do I wrap the input variables (params) to the InnerMethod here? How can I achieve this.


  def wrap_function(function, args):
    ncalls = [0]
    if function is None:
        return ncalls, None

    def function_wrapper(*wrapper_args):
        ncalls[0] += 1
        return function(*(wrapper_args + args))

    return ncalls, function_wrapper

CSHARP : I am trying to replicate the above Python Function

private double ObjectiveFunctionWrapper(IFunction f, Tuple<List<double>, List<double>> args)
    int ncalls = 0;

    Action function_wrapper = () =>
            ncalls = ncalls + 1;
            f(params )
    return ncalls;


Robert Harvey February 2016

To pass a params[] array to a function argument, define your method with an Action<T> argument (instead of IFunction), and use this bit of code:

public Action<T> SetParameters(Action<object[]> action, params object[] parameters)
    return delegate { action(parameters) };

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