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nerdlyist February 2016

Adding front-end frameworks to GWT

I normally do my web development in java using wicket or php building my UI using zurb foundation. Recently though I was asked to do some development using GWT. I am coming up to speed but am wondering if there is a way to add in a front-end framework like foundation. I found a bootstrap implementation here and am wondering if creating such a wrapper is the only way to do something like this.


Роман Гуйван February 2016

There's a @JsInterop in GWT 2.8.0 - Something that should ease the integration between native JavaScript frameworks and GWT. If you want to import a widget library yourself - this should be the way.

Also you can just access your JS-widget through JSNI (but having lots of js code kills the idea of using GWT if you ask me)

Another way - Use existing GWT frameworks: Sencha GXT, Vaadin and maybe SmartGWT Also check the jQuery~ish library for GWT if you like your selectors https://github.com/ArcBees/gwtquery

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Asked in February 2016
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