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jshort February 2016

Golang return values of function as input arguments to another

If I have

func returnIntAndString() (i int, s string) {...}

And I have:

func doSomething(i int, s string) {...}

Then I can can do the following successfully:


However, let's say I want to add another argument to doSomething like:

func doSomething(msg string, i int, s string) {...}

Go complains when compiling if I call it like:

doSomething("message", returnIntAndString())


main.go:45: multiple-value returnIntAndString() in single-value context
main.go:45: not enough arguments in call to doSomething()

Is there a way to do this or should I just give up and assign the return values from returnIntAndString to some references and pass msg and these values like doSomething(msg, code, str) ?


JimB February 2016

It's described here in the spec. It requires the inner function to return the correct types for all arguments. There is no allowance for extra parameters along with a function that returns multiple values.

As a special case, if the return values of a function or method g are equal in number and individually assignable to the parameters of another function or method f, then the call f(g(parameters_of_g)) will invoke f after binding the return values of g to the parameters of f in order. The call of f must contain no parameters other than the call of g, and g must have at least one return value. If f has a final ... parameter, it is assigned the return values of g that remain after assignment of regular parameters.

func Split(s string, pos int) (string, string) {
  return s[0:pos], s[pos:]

func Join(s, t string) string {
  return s + t

if Join(Split(value, len(value)/2)) != value {
  log.Panic("test fails")

If those specific conditions are not met, then you need to assign the return values and call the function separately.

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