Goldy86 February 2016

Calling substring Method?

I am fairly new to Java. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to teach myself java. This has been primarily based on tutorials i find online and forums I can find. So keep this in mind and any additional critique you can share is greatly appreciated! I am currently trying to create a calculator that runs off of if-else loops. I'm working on a method that allows the user to derive a function based on the principle that if

f(x)=ax^n+bx^o+cx^p... then f'(x)=anx^n-1+box^o-1+cpx^p-1...

I'm trying to use .split() to separate the parts of the function, perform the changes to the individual parts, and then print them together. I could get most of the way through this but I couldn't convert a string with a negative sign to an integer so I am trying to call a method that uses .substring and then replaceAll to get rid of the negative sign then convert to integer. However, I keep getting a compiling error stating the "actual and formal argument lists differ in length". Can anyone explain why this might be happening?

import java.util.Scanner;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.lang.String;
public class InputInteger
public String changeSign(String second) {
    String negative = second.substring(0,1);
    return negative;
public static void splitFunction() {
  Scanner o = new Scanner(;
  String function =;
  String[] parts = function.split("(?=\\+|\\-)");
  for (int i = 0; i < parts.length;) { 
        String[] second = parts[i].split("(?=[0-9]+|[a-z]+|[A-Z]+\\^)");
        if (negative = ("-")) {
            second = second.replace("-","");
      int x = Integer.parseInt(second[0]);
      int y = Integer.parseInt(second[2]);
      int w = x*y;
      int z = y-1;
      System.out.println(w + "x^" + z);


radoh February 2016

  • changeSign(String second) should be defined as static
  • negative variable is not defined
  • you should compare strings with equals() method
  • you call .replace(...) on an array, which doesn't have this method

And these are only compile errors, I see at least one runtime problem:

  • you increase i only in the if which may result in an infinite loop...

I suggest you use some good IDE like Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA, which will help you with warnings/errors/etc.

SarthAk February 2016

Problem that you are talking about is the method not working . You have to pass argument in the function like




according to requirement

Michael Gantman February 2016

First of all in your code if (negative = ("-")) you have a single "=" and I think you meant to use "==" for comparison. Second, method parseInt() as well as valueOf() (which I prefer to parseInt()) should handle negative numbers just fine. there is no need to remove "-". Yout method changeSign() takes a String argument, also your method ChangeSign() returns String value and you must assign a result to some String: String negative = InputInteger.changeSign(str);. Plus also String class has a method startsWith(String prefix) that fits your better then substring(). Hope this helps. If anything there is an Open source library that provides a Utility for parsing String into Integer (among other things). in That util there is a method

parseStringToInt(String numStr, int defaultValue, String nullOrEmptyStringErrorMessage, String numberFormatErrorMessage)

That tries to parse a String to Integer and if it does not succeed it returns a default value and never throws an Exception. That method definitely works fine with negative integers. Here is the link to the article about the library. There you will find the instructions on where to get the library including javadoc and source code.

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