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Justin Durlewanger February 2016

convert System.String to MultiValuedProperty

I am trying to create a user execution script to prompt for users and feed them to another command using a variable. Something like this:

$owners  = Read-Host
$members = Read-Host

New-DistributionGroup -Name test -ManagedBy $owners -Members $members

The problem is that Read-Host provides a typename of System.String and the -ManagedBy and -Members switches require a MultiValuedProperty. I've tried doing an export of the System.String to CSV, but it doesn't break up the multiple values even if they are separated by a comma.

I know if I just populate a CSV and do an import it will work but I am distributing this script to branch offices and I need them to have as few steps as possible.


Alexis Coles February 2016

So if the string they provide is a comma delimited string you can do something like.

$owners = (Read-host).Split(',')

Much the same for members...

Ansgar Wiechers February 2016

"Multi-valued property" just means that you can provide multiple values (i.e. an array) as the argument to the parameter. If your users input something like


you need to split the (comma-separated) string to get an actual array:

$owners  = $owners -split ' *, *'
$members = $members -split ' *, *'

The expression *, * will also take care of spaces that the user may have put before and/or after the separating commas.

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