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Jonas Stawski February 2016

Understanding the x-ms-resource-usage in DocumentDB response header

While performing a simple Get operation by Id where a single document is returned (not an array with one document) I get the following x-ms-resource-usage:



  • Why is documentSize 0?
  • What is the unit of measure? Bytes?
  • What is the difference between documentSize and documentsSize? Please note the query only returns one document.
  • What is the collectionSize? Is that the total number of documents in the collection?
  • What is the difference between x-ms-resource-usage and x-ms-resource-quota?


David Makogon February 2016

I'm fairly sure the numbers are as follows, and all in KB:

  • documentSize: Size of the document
  • documentsSize: Combined size of all documents in collection
  • collectionSize: Combined size of all documents in collection, along with overhead such as indexes

x-ms-resource-usage is about consumed resources within the collection, while x-ms-resource-quota is going to give you your limits. So with quota, you'll see documentsSize and collectionSize both set to something like 10485760, which is 10GB (10,485,760 MB).

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