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Ofir Friedman February 2016

instagram developer API gett 400,"error_message

I am sending URL and I'm getting: {"meta":{"error_type":"OAuthPermissionsException","code":400,"error_message":"This client has not been approved to access this resource."}}

I have the privilege and everything seems fine And of course could not see more than 20 pictures. I made a script that should give proceed to the next page but it does not work.

Any ideas what could be done? It's really important Thanks friends.

I have permission is basic . I see 20 images of any user public . If I want to see more pictures ( next page ), then I see the error I mentioned . I ask to see images only


krisrak February 2016

I dont think you have the right permission approved to access the endpoint you are trying to access.

What API call are you making?

Which permissions does your app have?

  • basic
  • comments
  • follower_list
  • likes
  • public_content
  • relationships

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Asked in February 2016
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