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Roberto February 2016

Using Renjin's CEM library inside a java application

As the title suggests, I need to implement Coarsened Exact Matching inside a Java application. I found out that Renjin embeds this library but I cannot figure out how to use it in my Java app, i.e. how to install it, invoke matching methods etc... Any idea or example? Thx a lot.


Anony-Mousse February 2016

Read better:

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: tcltk

The reason is that TCL/TK requires native code, which is a pain to use in Java. Because nobody did write that code yet it cannot be used yet.

akbertram March 2016

I added tcltk stubs to Renjin today, so with the latest version you can now use the cem package.

There are no plans to add true support for Tcl/Tk graphical user interfaces, so any functions from cem that actually rely on tcltk will fail, but all of the actual computation should work.

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