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Marcus Lee February 2016

How do I grab the objects from php Twitter API

So I can get the tweets using Twitter Oauth I can echo the tweets using foreach. But I want to grab the data from the php and bring them to another page.

Index.php contains the json array of tweets.

Then in page2.php I have the code below to display specific objects using $.ajax get from index.php

     dataType: "html",
     url: 'index.php',
    $.each(data, function () {
    list += '<p>'+ this.text +'</p>';


But when I try to specify the a particular object to grab like the text I get no results. Do use





Kyle E4K February 2016

From observing your current code, you're using the JQuery GET method to send the data to the PHP file.

I am 99% sure that the following should work:


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