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Douglas Lawson February 2016

Quickbooks POS old transactions view

I have a client running Quickbooks along with Quickbooks POS set up. We had to condense are Quickbooks file, and now we can't pull up transactions prior to the condensing. This makes sense to an extent for me, but is there a way that they could still pull up old transactions on POS from at least a decade ago without bloating the quickbooks file?


Douglas Lawson March 2016

It wasn't terribly intuitive for the client to manually switch back and forth from an old & new POS file, and it was quite obvious what file they were in (the potential for accidentally recording a sale against an old file was high).

So my solution to this was to actually pull the information from and old copy with a ODBC connection tool (plenty out there on the web). I was then able to export that to Excel and organize it in a readable / searchable manner for the client.

FYI, Quickbooks wasn't helpful on this matter.

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