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Michael Durrant February 2016

Android emulator Cannot Launch AVD in Emulator in OSX

Just started getting this. No idea why.

enter image description here

I tried 3 different new devices and get this for all of them.


g90 February 2016

Please go to the SDK manager and check if the components have been downloaded properly or not.

You might need to remove and re-download them as this happens if the image was corrupted.

Jeff Sutton February 2016

I just started getting something similar too.enter image description here

If I set the scale option to 'Auto' everything works as intended. I assume Google have mode some changes but not updated everything properly.

enter image description here

Rashid Cordero February 2016

Just use Genymotion as your emulator. Fast and easy to use. You just need virtual box to install it.

Michael Durrant February 2016

Reinstalling the Android SDK worked. Took a few attempts to get it right. Had to uninstall and then reinstall. Picked x86_64 image in the end

enter image description here

Then I was able to go to my various virtual devices and use the Repair Device links as seen here to fix them:

enter image description here

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