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Gary Stephens February 2016

Nothing I Do Will Disable Access Warnings

I've tried all of the suggestions....

  • Access Options, Confirm settings for action queries
  • VBA SetWarnings off and back on
  • The db is in a trusted folder location

No matter what I do I still get warnings / confirmation popups in Access when running my forms and macros. What else could be overriding my settings?

Is it possible for group policies to override my settings? How do I find those policy settings?

We have a process that we run in Access 2x monthly, and it takes too long because the users have to click Yes on all the popups. I've tried the obvious tricks, but nothing prevents these confirmation popups.


OpiesDad February 2016

If you are using VBA to execute SQL, then try to use:

CurrentDb.Execute strSQL

instead of

DoCmd.RunSQL strSQL

where strSQL represents the SQL statement you are trying to execute.

This automatically suppresses the normal warnings from running a query, but will still give you other errors, such as when the SQL is invalid. You can also use this to get certain items from the query, such as the amount of records affected by the query, that you otherwise cannot get from the docmd statement.

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