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orad February 2016

How to use Azure AD Authentication Library to sign in to WPF app?

The Azure sample active-directory-dotnet-native-desktop shows how to use ADAL to sign in for accessing a Web API from a WPF app. In the call to authContext.AcquireToken it's passing the Resource URL of the web service as a parameter. What if I just want to prompt the user to sign in to the desktop client itself and there's no Web API? Isn't there any sample for that?


vibronet February 2016

Can you define what do you mean in practice with "sign in to the desktop client itself"?. A native app will prompt you only when you need to access remote resources, because they are the only ones that the user cannot access directly. If a resource is already on your local PC, and you have access to the windows session, what are you going to protect with the login? In other words, what is the resource or operation that a user cannot perform unless they go through a login? Having access to the windows session means that the user can do pretty much whatever he/she wants. Doing a login without accessing a remote resource would largely amount to theater.

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