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Sumudu De Zoysa February 2016

create a google form generator like application using pure "raw php"

I'm new to php and I want to know how to develop a simple application similar to google form generator, using only raw php without using any frameworks, java scripts. The scenario is like this. I have a form with a combo box containing item names; textbox, textarea, radio, checkbox, combo box, etc. Also there is a text field to enter name. user can select an item name from combo box and give a name to that combobox. Likewise can add several fields. after finished adding needed controllers and names for them, there should be a ok button to generate a form by using our selected controllers.And should redirect to that form as well. That created form also has to be work. (this is similar to google form scenario)

If anybody can help it would be really helpful and very grateful. Thanks :)


Wilkoklak February 2016

You can do anything without frameworks, but not anything without JavaScript etc.

PHP is a server-side language and you can't dynamically change website elements with it. Changing them is necessary if you want to make a form creator.

So, in short, answer to your question "Can I write a form creator using only PHP?" is "No!" :/

You could do this with few sites asking "How many of x do you want?" and then "Now name all of them" etc. However, that would be a solution only for patient people and most of users would go to Google Forms.

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