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And February 2016

Cannot Change the Version of R in RStudio

My RStudio (V 0.99.491) is inept to change the R Version. I act in the ordinary way through Global Options --> R-Version. Afterwards it hangs and doesn't work or react any more. The initial version of R which works fine is R 3.1.0. I have never had such a problem before. Maybe someone has faced with a similar problem.

I tried to uninstall RStudio, and install it again, but this hasn't help to fix the issue.


user6034358 March 2016

I have had the same problem. Using my user account RStudio hangs up trying to change the version. All other accounts work fine.

I have located the problem in the folder C:\Users\myaccount\AppData\Roaming\RStudio\ and renamed this folder. After this everything worked fine.

I assume the problem was the file "desktop.ini.lock", because in the new folder RStudio generated, this file is missing.

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Asked in February 2016
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