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saras February 2016

Is there a way to check if Android device screen is locked via adb?

I know that PowerManager and/or KeyguardManager can help me check if a device screen is locked/unlocked. Is there a way to check this via adb?


Bryan February 2016

This command will output everything relating to power for the device:

adb shell dumpsys power

You can pipe this to a grep to get the values of mHoldingWakeLockSuspendBlocker and mHoldingDisplaySuspendBlocker:

adb shell dumpsys power | grep 'mHolding'

If both are false, the display is off.

If mHoldingWakeLockSuspendBlocker is false, and mHoldingDisplaySuspendBlocker is true, the display is on, but locked.

If both are true, the display is on.

rupesh jain February 2016

If its a rooted phone you can check some fields related to lock in settings.db.

settings.db is located at /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases

Alex P. February 2016

Why not just use PowerManager.isInteractive()?

the adb command would be:

adb shell service call power 12

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