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Stamos February 2016

MediaElement web Video doesn't stop buffering

I m using MediaElement to play a web video. When I left the page I noticed in the Task Manager that my app was still using 10% of network and didn't drop till it finished downloading video.

I tried doing the following but no luck.

    //open link;
    mediaElement.Source = welcomeVideoURL;

    //when I leave the page OnNavigatedFrom()
    mediaElement.Source = null;

Also tried to set the source to a dummy link but still no luck.

I thought that opening the Link as a Stream and use mediaElement.SetSource() could work but I haven't found anything on that...maybe I m not searching correct.

Thank you.


Stamos March 2016

Found this MediaElementWithHttpClient in some other question in a comment made by @kiewic. I can manage the stream and download process and easily dispose it.

 HttpRandomAccessStream videoStream = await HttpRandomAccessStream.CreateAsync(new Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient(), videoUrl);
 mediaElement.SetSource(videoStream, videoStream.ContentType);

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