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4a616e February 2016

Loading numpy arrays stored in npz archive in PySpark

I have a large number of numpy arrays in S3 stored in npz archive. What is the best way to load them into a PySpark RDD/Dataframe of NumPy arrays? I have tried to load the file using the sc.wholeTextFiles API.


However numpy.load requires a file handle. And loading the file contents in memory as a string takes up a lot of memory.


zero323 February 2016

You cannot do much about memory requirements but otherwise BytesIO should work just fine:

from io import BytesIO

def extract(kv):
    k, v = kv
    with BytesIO(v) as r:
        for f, x in np.load(r).items():
            yield "{0}\t{1}".format(k, f), x


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