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user1518458 February 2016

How to choose which story types in backlog have estimations

In a Jira agile backlog a gray circle on the right contains the number of estimated story points. But not all issue types have it. Bugs e.g. don't show it in our project, story do. Adhoc tickets also show this metric in our board but I would like to remove it for this story type.

So how can hide this gray circle for certain issue types in the backlog? Googling has not been very helpful so far.


João Gatto February 2016

You can customize your fields, if you go to:

JIRA Administration -> Issues -> (On the left menu) Custom Fields

You are going to see all the fields you have in JIRA and you will be able to create others as well. In order to remove the gray circle from your issue type you must edit the Field, in this case you need to find Story Point field and click on the gear icon on the right and then configure.

You are going to see all issues type attached to this Story Point field. You just need to remove the issue type Story and you are done. The gray circle is gone.

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