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user3006691 February 2016

JSON (using jsonlite) parsing error in R

I have the following JSON file:

{"id":1140851307,"name":"A Coruna"} 

I used the package jsonlite but I get a parsing error

try <- fromJSON("states.txt",simplifyDataFrame = T)
# Error in feed_push_parser(readBin(con, raw(), n), reset = TRUE) :   
# parse error: trailing garbage
#           :1140854908,"name":"'Amran"} {"id":1140852651,"name":"'Asir"
#                      (right here) ------^


vmachan February 2016

Try changing your data file to below

,{"id":1140851307,"name":"A Coruna"} 

The same code worked for me.. It is looking for an array..

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