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Atiq ur rehman February 2016

Tool/Technique for implement Hl7 v2.x in Hospital Management System

I have Final Year Project of Hospital management system using HL7 Standard.. Is There is any service or tool (open source) available for integrate in our project. should i go with tool for HL7 or to code by my self.

Thank you in advanced.


Nick Radov February 2016

You'll have to be more specific about what you need in order to get a useful answer. If you want an HL7 interface engine I think Mirth Connect is still open source. If you're writing your own software in Java most developers use the HAPI library.

Andrea Girardi March 2016

I solved this problem using Camel (http://camel.apache.org) with the component mina2 that allows to open these kind of listeners:


take a look to this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/35935425/71410

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