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C. Sura February 2016

VSTS Package Management: Missing NuGet package icons in own package feed

I'm in the progress of migrating a private NuGet gallery from an Azure App Service to a VSTS Package Management feed. I pushed all nupkg files to this feed, and am able to consume this feed with Visual Studio, but now all packages show the NuGet default icon.

I've checked the feed output with Fiddler: The resulting JSON document contains "iconUrl" properties with the correct URLs but for some reason, they don't show up in the NuGet Package Manager.

Does anybody know how to fix this? Is this an issue with the feed (not returning a correct JSON response) or with the NuGet Package Manager?


Matt Cooper February 2016

Our current design doesn't send back image URLs. I'll get it on our backlog to support in the future.

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