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sanjuro8998 February 2016

Grep latest file string

System: AIX 7.1

Let's say I have a folder with files like these:

enter image description here

The files I need always have this prefix sapemea_postatus.log.xxxxxxxx, and inside of them we always have a number (collection number), like this:

enter image description here

And I always have questions like

Hey, which collection number is the last one we have?

So I always have to open the FTP, navigate to the folder, filter the column to show the newest ones in the top, look for the latest sapemea_postatus.log file, download it and check with notepad++.

So my question is: Is there a way to make grep command where I can filter for those kind of files, get the most recent one, and show this collection number? Thanks!


Harald Nordgren February 2016



regex="Collection:[ ]*([0-9]+)"

for log in sapemea_postatus.log.*; do

    [[ $(cat $log) =~ $regex ]]

    if [[ $collection > $latest_collection ]]; then

echo "Latest log: $latest_log (number $latest_collection)"

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