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pmcleite February 2016

Add view_id to page in notebook

it's possible to add an view_id to page in notebook?

Like this:

    <page name="page_details">
        <!--Call an view by view_id-->


Irfankhan Juneja February 2016

You can define any kind of view in a page so directly write view defination inside that page.


<page name="abc">

Alessandro Ruffolo February 2016

You can insert a view for a x2many field present in the model, in order to show a specific tree view of that field, or the form view of the related object.

You can do that in the way of @irfankhan-juneja's answer, or by using field context to Call those views:

    <field name="xxx" context="{'form_view_ref': 'module_name.view_form_id', 'tree_view_ref': 'module_name.view_tree_id'}" />

But you can't insert just any view you like.

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