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ylm February 2016

Python remove line breaks

I'm reading output from program like this

test_output = test_run.communicate(input=str.encode(input))[0]
output = test_output .decode('utf-8').strip()

and if program returns new line like this

>>> a
>>> b

it reads it like this(with repr())

>>> 'a\r\nb'

I tried removing line breaks with


but it's not working, if I print it like regular string it returns

>>> a
>>> b

and repr()

>>> 'a\r\nb'

How can I remove \r\n from my string?


Oin February 2016

Don't use a regexp, the regexp doesn't do what you think it does:

>>> 'a\r\nb'.replace('\r\n', '')

i.e. just remove the r in replace(r'\r\n', '')

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