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user2361174 February 2016

Updating project with my changes and other changes with TortoiseHg

Let's say I have repo A, the main branch. I clone repo A into repo B, in repo B I make changes to it over a period of time. Then I decide to clone repo A again into repo C, it has what repo A has plus changes that other users have made over time. Using TortoiseHg, how can I can combine repo B and C so I can push them into repo A?

Pardon me if my vocabulary isn't that good with the title or description, it's the best way I could describe it.


Lazy Badger February 2016

You have to pull (B->C or C->B direction):

  • you have to know URL of "foreign" repo
  • you have to enable web-server on "foreign" repo (if it's remote repository not on local filesystem)
  • you have to add URL of "foreign" repo into local's repo configuration (using GUI - Sync dialogue or by adding new external repo into [paths] section of repository's .hgrc) or fastest way is to pull from console (one-time operation, yes?), using URL of foreign repo in hg pull URL command

As result you'll get diverged history at some point, which you have to merge in order to push later without errors|warnings or --force pushes

I'm too lazy to show screenshots for such easy task, but I can, if it's really needed

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