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Mark Uivari February 2016

What's the name of the horizontal menu specific to Windows 10 apps and how to implement it?

I'm talking about that menu type where you can see the next element peek out on the right and u need to slide the screen to right so u can move to it. Exapmle: 1


Chris W. February 2016

You're referring to the Panorama Control for which there are multiple sources out on the net to give you in depth tutorials and examples of usage and tricks. You can find Win10 specifics starting here

One example of which (taken directly from the docs);

<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot">
   <controls:Panorama Title="my application">

      <!--Panorama item one-->
      <controls:PanoramaItem Header="item1">

       <!--Panorama item two-->
       <controls:PanoramaItem Header="item2">

As Richard pointed out though, your question doesn't show much effort made before your inquiry and doesn't directly correlate to a specific question about programming and leans more towards just searching for a feature.

However, since it's your first day on SO hopefully this helps and in the future you might browse the FAQ for some basic guidelines of the site to avoid any issues moving forward. Welcome and it really is an excellent resource support by a lot of great individuals helping each other out. Hope this helps, cheers.

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