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Alex Man February 2016

Hook in Portlet project

I have created a separate hook plugin project for portal properties customization. When I deployed it got worked successfully. But when I add the hook configuration within a portlet plugin project the hook is not working.

I am adding the hook configuration within portlet plugin project because I need to access some spring services and db access. In the portlet plugin project I am already have those stuffs, so If I can add hook within portlet plugin project it will be easy to access those.

My WEB-INF structure is as given below

enter image description here

When I deploy the project I am getting the portlet deployed successfully and able to access but hook is not deployed

Can anyone please tell me some solution for this


aritzg February 2016

There should not be any problem deploying together a portlet and a hook in the same project or war.

Your screenshot is showing an alert in liferay-hook.xml file. Does it provide any furder information?

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