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NoSaidTheCompiler February 2016

Why does Resharper’s Alt + Enter doesn’t work in VS2015 when trying to create a new method?

I am using version 9.0 (can't upgrade to newer version than this) of Resharper and when I try to use it in VS2015, the Alt+Enter features doesn’t work in specific scenarios. For instance when I try to create a new method it doesn’t work, but works for other scenarios like when cursor is on a variable and R# suggests changing it to const. I have tried enabling/resetting as other posts have suggested but no luck so far. In my case, it’s not as if Alt+Enter is not working, but it is not working only on specific cases.

Please see screenshot below:Not Working Working


csa February 2016

I had the same problem with Visual Studio 2015 and R# v9.0. Then I updated R# to v10.0.2. Finnaly it worked.

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