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Rickson February 2016

TFS: Why do Issues appear on the Backlog?

We are using TFS 2015 together with the CMMI process template and I have just found out that Issues do appear on the backlog if they are a child of a Feature or a Requirement work item type. If the Issue is standalone (has not link to one of the two mentioned work item types) it is not visible on the backlog.

I guess that someone has made some hacks here in order to make this possible. Originally, only Epics, Features, Requirements, Tasks, and Bugs should appear on the backlog.

I have checked the Issue work item type definition as well as the processconfiguration.xml and the categories.xml which look quite ok from my point of view.

Are there any another places where one could define which work item types should be visible on the backlog?

Thanks a lot for giving support.


Eddie - MSFT February 2016

To add a WIT on backlog, the three files below need to updated:

  • WIT Definition
  • Categories Definition
  • ProcessConfiguration Definition

You can check the required changes on this link: Add work item types to backlogs and boards to see if these changes had been applied on your project. If yes, revert these changes, then the Issue should disappear from the backlog.

MrHinsh February 2016

You should not use the "child" link to associate with Issues.

The Parent/Child link is used for the backlog and I would think that the Issues are appearing because of this.

Try changing the Parent/Child link to Related.

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