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JJSmith February 2016

Python Pandas Counting the Occurrences of a Specific value

I am new to both python and pandas so bare with me if this is a silly question. I am just trying to find the number of times a certain value appears in one column.

I have made the dataframe with data = pd.DataFrame.from_csv('data/DataSet2.csv')

and now I want to find the number of times something appears in a column. How is this done?

I thought it was the below, where I am looking in the education column and counting the number of time ? occurs.

The code below shows that I am trying to find the number of times 9th appears and the error is what I am getting when I run the code


missing2 = df.education.value_counts()['9th']


KeyError: '9th'


jezrael February 2016

IIUC you can create subset of data with your condition and then use shape or len:

print df
  col1 education
0    a       9th
1    b       9th
2    c       8th

print df.education == '9th'
0     True
1     True
2    False
Name: education, dtype: bool

print df[df.education == '9th']
  col1 education
0    a       9th
1    b       9th

print df[df.education == '9th'].shape[0]
print len(df[df.education == '9th'])

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