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Michael February 2016

Git pull crashes website

I had to overwrite my site from backup. Thing is my backup is behind GIT couple of commits.(deleted view, finishing touches on features, and a lot more). When I do git pull --all and pull all changes from GIT(which is ahead couple of commits) my site crashes. I assume its because those changes are written into database. Is there a way to avoid site crashing, so when I pull changes from GIT everything loads normally?



mkasberg February 2016

Your question isn't very clear. Try adding more information like error messages.

With the info you gave us, it sounds like there's a bug in one of those git commits that is breaking your site. Starting from the working commit, pick one commit at a time to find which commit contains the bug. When you find it, either skip that commit or fix the bug.

You can use git bisect to help you do this.

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