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rrumaner February 2016

XPAGES: Build path contains duplicate entry: 'org.eclipse.jdt.launching.JRE_CONTAINER'

I am trying to run an Xpage locally (in Chrome if it makes any difference) from a local NSF and am receiving the error:

Build path contains duplicate entry: 'org.eclipse.jdt.launching.JRE_CONTAINER'

I have copied all the ExtLib Features and Plugins to the correct directories as required.

Anonymous is set to Author.

I cannot find any information on how to resolve this. There was an open ticket on OpenNTF 6 years ago but no resolution.


Eric McCormick February 2016


As Jesse Gallagher pointed out on Twitter, you can access the .classpath file without going through the ODP setup via the Navigator perspective. I would still recommend setting up source control since it gives you:

  • local change history in DDE (even if you don't use the ODP in git/hg)
  • the ability to track any changing file during development, aka- a rogue change to your .classpath file (I recommend installing Cameron Gregor's Swiper plugin)
  • is fairly easy to set up
  • as a developer, version control is the best way to cover your butt

dotClasspath file accessible via Navigator perspective


I believe you quite literally have a duplicate entry in your NSF's build class path. This has to do with the Eclipse version Domino Designer is based on is being confused by its defined class path. I recommend the following:

  • if you don't have it set up already, set up source control for your NSF
  • open the (hidden) file .classpath, which can be found in the root of your On Disk Project (ODP) folder with a trusty text editor (Notepad++, etc.)
  • search for org.eclipse.jdt.launching.JRE_CONTAINER
  • if you find more than one, you will need to deconflict your class path (aka- remove one; it may be best to make a backup of the file)
  • if you don't have "Build Automatically" checked (in your Project menu), you may need to open Package Explorer and right-click your ODP, then perform a "Sync with NSF"

You should be able to de-conflict your build path via the Project > Build Path screen, but t

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