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Sfisioza February 2016

Push all git comits as one to empty bare repo

I have two bare repositories.

repo1 - with all the history
repo2 - new, empty one

I want to push all the files from repo1 to repo2, but without the whole history, just the the state from the last commit.

I don't want to touch the history of the repo1 (it's best to assume it's read only). In the new repo I don't want to have any history (including reflogs), so shashing after the push is not an option.

Is this ever possible without creating new, temporary repository?
How can I achieve this?


David Deutsch February 2016

Do the following:

git checkout --orphan temp_branch
git commit -m "initial commit"
git push repo2 temp_branch:master

This will create a temp_branch locally with just a single commit with the current snapshot, and push it to a branch called "master" on repo2.

hagello February 2016

Assuming that you want to clone the head of masterand assuming that you do not insist on a git push:

# in repo2
# git fetch --depth 1 path_to_repo1 master:master

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