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Amnor February 2016

My javascript server code can read a "2011", why not a "20,11" if they are both String?

I'm connecting Storm to javascript via redis. The redis part works fine, but when I try to publish tuples(really Strings), my code (an example from internet just a little modified) doesn't recieve a thing, and redis recieves well the tuples. Here's my code:

    Node.js server script
    Required node packages: express, redis, socket.io
const PORT = 3000;
const HOST = 'localhost';

var express = require('express'),
    http = require('http'), 
    server = http.createServer(app);
    log('info', 'connected to express');
var app = express();

const redis = require('redis');
const client = redis.createClient();
log('info', 'connected to redis server');

const io = require('socket.io');

if (!module.parent) {
    server.listen(PORT, HOST);
    const socket  = io.listen(server);

    socket.on('connection', function(client) {
        const subscribe = redis.createClient()

        subscribe.on("message", function(channel, message) {
            log('msg', "received from channel #" + channel + " : " + message);

        client.on('message', function(msg) {
            log('debug', msg);

        client.on('disconnect', function() {
            log('warn', 'disconnecting from redis');

function log(type, msg) {

    var color   = '\u001b[0m',
        reset = '\u001b[0m';

    switch(type) {
        case "info":
            color = '\u001b[36m';
        case "warn":
            color = '\u001b[33m';
        case "error":
            color = '\u001b[31m';
        case "msg":
            color = '\u001b[34m';
            color = '\u001b[0m'

    console.log(color + '   ' + type + '  - ' + reset + msg);

It send to terminal the message when i send ints, but not with tuples.I am just quite


Amnor February 2016

When I sent the messages, in the treatmen at redis, they where splitted, now they aren't, and the messages arrives to the client.

Thanks for your answers!

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