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John February 2016

What does a blue circle on the "Run" button in Matlab mean?

Title pretty much says it all. I am running R2015a, and got this to appear in my editor. There is a small blue circle appearing on the "Run" button. I've never seen this before, and can't find any documentation on the mathworks website that explains it's meaning.

What does this blue circle with 3 dots mean?

enter image description here


Ander Biguri February 2016

When you .m file contains a function, not just a script MATLAB lets you configure the "run" options. Of course, the normal thing would be to thrown an error because "Not enough input arguments", as you are trying to run a function without giving any.

However, if you click in the small arrow below "run", you can type some default arguments to run when the function is run by clicking the green play. That way, it wont throw an error. The blue dots mean that someone has written some default argument, and MATLAB its telling you that it will run the function with them.


function res= add(in1,in2)



Default parameters and ans:

enter image description here

If you try to run this code without having added the default parameters it will give an error.

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