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Andreas Carlsson February 2016

OS X Server 10.6.8 keeps crashing

I have an OS X Server 10.4 that started Kernel Panicking on me late december. It had Mail, Web and SQL services turned on.
I switched to another Mac, problem persisted. Updated to 10.6.8, no difference. Switched to a third Mac, no difference.
In short; It gets 1-3 Kernel Panics per day.

I have noticed that the CPU load slowly rises until it panics.

So during this weekend I turned off all services except Mail. It worked very good during the weekend. Today 1500 (15pm) I turned on Web services, and after that the CPU load started to rise...

Among the processes I found more than 300 perl processes owned by the _www user. As well as the clamavd (owned by amisvd if I remember correctly) eating a lot of memory.

Clamavd is the anti virus and spam processes, right? I have tried to turn them off in the OS X Server admin app. It won't turn off. Regarding the Perl processes I really don't know where that is used. The info panel doesn't give me any idea. I think it means that one of the sites (I have about 20) is using perl, but I don't know which one.

So, some questions:
- Is it safe to upgrade to OS X El Capitan Server? Should I?
- How can I kill all Perl processes at one time? (I have googled this but couldn't find any working tips)
- Any idea of what's going on?

As you may tell I'm not very skilled with Apache, but I still think it's funny and educating to do this.

Perl processes


tale852150 February 2016

How can you kill all Perl processes at one time? killall is available on OS X. Try

killall -9 perl


btw - my apologies to ThisSuitIsBlackNot -- I see he referred to this in his comments.

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