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gfc February 2016

Apple push notification not working for distribution/ad hoc testing

I have been using sandbox push notification for a while, and it is working perfectly. After switching to distribution, push notification stopped working.

Things that I have checked:

  1. Two separate push notification certificates are created, one for development (Sandbox) and one for distribution(production).
  2. Device token is different for sandbox and production.
  3. We use NotNoop APNS on server side. The certificate.p12 is created by exporting the private key under push notification certificate in Apple Keychain Access. Certificate itself is not in the p12 file.
  4. Checked archived package for production with command

    codesign -d --entitlements :- "Payload/YourApp.app"

    And the code signing entitlement is distribution.

  5. Followed Apple TN 2265 (https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/technotes/tn2265/_index.html). While using openssl to connect to APNS, the connection is closed right after handshake (for production). For sandbox, there is a pause after the handshake, and then more reads & writes.

My command:

> openssl pkcs12 -in Cert_prod.p12 -out Cert_prod.pem
> openssl s_client -connect gateway.push.apple.com:2195 -cert Cert_prod.pem -debug -showcerts -CAfile "Entrust.pem"

The output (for production):

Server certificate
subject=/C=US/ST=California/L=Cupertino/O=Apple Inc./CN=gateway.push.apple.com
issuer=/C=US/O=Entrust, Inc./OU=www.entrust.net/rpa is incorporated by reference/OU=(c) 2009 Entrust, Inc./CN=Entrust Certification Authority - L1C
Acceptable client certificate CA names
/C=US/O=Apple Inc./OU=Apple Certification Authority/CN=Apple Root CA
/C=US/O=Apple Inc./OU=Apple Worldwide Developer Relations/CN=Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority
/C=US/O=Apple Inc./OU=Apple Certification         


gfc February 2016

The certificate.p12 in NotNoop APNS should be exported from the certificate only, without the private key. In Keychain Access, click the small arrow next to the push notification certificate to show the private key, select the certificate only (without the key), and export it to a .p12 file. Updating the file on server solved my problem. Openssl is a good tool for smoke test before archiving the app and running it in ad hoc mode.

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