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user5381191 February 2016

Carthage does not build main framework

Lets say 2 Frameworks A & B are created. Inside framework A, using Cartthage framework B is included. Now when I include framework A in a project using carthage, it checks out both of them but only builds B.

What should I do to get framework A also built ?

Cartfile for framework A:

git "http://location/to/fwk/b" "branch"

Cartfile for Project:

git "http://location/to/fwk/a" "branch"

Once I run carthage update from the project location, I can see from the logs that both frameworks are checked out but in the build location I can only see Framework B.

Also tried adding framework B to Cartfile.private but it didnt help


u09cs47 February 2016

Open project framework A and select shared scheme from Manage scheme. Then run the command carthage update.

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