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Andrea993 February 2016

Abbreviate the full name of a type defined in a class

Which is the best way to avoid to write the class name when I use a type defined in a class?

For example I have a class MyClass where is defined a mytype type, out of this class I need use mytype and I must write:

MyClass::mytype foo

I would like to write only

mytype foo

I've try with

#define MyClass::mytype mytype

It works but I think that this is not a good solution. What should I use?


Claudiu February 2016

You can do:

typedef MyClass::mytype mytype;

Brian February 2016

Use a typedef or an alias declaration, ideally in the narrowest possible scope.

void some_function() {
    typedef MyClass::mytype mytype;
    // or: using mytype = MyClass::mytype;
// namespace not polluted

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