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expGuy February 2016

onUnbind not being called when binding the activity to a running service

I have this activity that starts and binds to a service:

protected void onStart() {

    Intent intent = new Intent(context, SoundService.class);
    context.bindService(intent, serviceConnection, Context.BIND_AUTO_CREATE);

and I unbind by:

protected void onStop() {


The service keeps running even after closing the activity. Look at this scenario:

  1. Activity starts the service and binds to it
  2. Activity gets killed, the service keeps running, onUnbind() is called
  3. Activity starts again, and binds to the running service
  4. Activity gets killed, onUnbind() is not called :(

Why is the onUnbind() not being called?


RocketRandom February 2016

How did you start the service ? Please paste that code.

Service will only be stopped after you called unbindService() IF there are no other clients connected to this service AND the service was started with bind call with AUTO_CREATE. If the service was started with startService() then the service will not be stopped until the service calls stopSelf() or android terminates it to free memory

pskink February 2016

return true from onUnbind, next time if you call bindService again not only onRebind will be called but also when the last clients unbinds also onUnbind will be called by the system

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Asked in February 2016
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