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Gehad Gamal February 2016

Azure App Services isn't available

I've been trying to use Azure as Mobile App service and in the tutorial it is given to choose this : enter image description here Whilst when i try to follow it shows this :enter image description here Can anyone help ? Thank you :)


Thiago Barrile February 2016

The Azure Visual Studio tooling, however, should be upgraded to version 2.8.1 or later...



Kaushal Kumar Panday February 2016

As Thiago suggested, you will have to install the latest Azure SDK to get the option.

If not, then you can select the Import option. This will require you to provide the publishsettings file.

You can download the publishsettings file from the Azure Portal. Here is a sample image: http://i.stack.imgur.com/YV2OQ.jpg

Once you have imported it, the IDE will pick the deployment endpoints from the file and you will be able to publish the App.

NOTE: Mobile Apps have the same deployment as the Web Apps. The IDE doesn't have the tooling to pick Mobile APPS from the subscription. Until then you will have to use the Import option in the VS deployment wizard.

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