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David February 2016

JMeter EOF does not exist

In JMeter, my HTTP Request performs a POST of a JSON-formmated body data. Within that request, I have a Listener (Save Responses to a File) to save the response. see image: Listener: Save Resonses

I need to post this response within a 2nd HTTP Request, so I created a Config Element (CSV Data Set Config) containing the basename as follows: see image: Config Element: CSV Data Set Config

In the 2nd HTTP Request, I added the following to the Body Data with the hope of posting the contents of the saved file as the body of this second request.


When I run it, I get a Stop Thread Exception caused by "... file 'EOF'.json does not exist."

If I change this to the following using the hard-coded filename, it works.


Any idea why?


David February 2016


I guess I was taking some of the examples provided by others "too literally". The correct payload body needed to be


Additionally, I removed the CVS controller element because it was no longer needed after correctly fixing the HTTP body to use the Variable Name (newRecordFile) defined in the Listener.

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